Thank you, B. Smith.

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Growing up in NYC is an adventure.   Growing up during the 90s / early Millennia even more so.  I’m partial.  That was my “coming of age”.  Fresh out of college… experiencing the “real world” – mine only has quotations around it because I lived at home for a solid decade more, not stacking chips but … Read More

Do it Anyway. Do it Now.

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After a particularly rough weekend – emotionally… and after much consternation, I finally fell asleep tonight about 2 hours ago.  During which I dreamt.    It’s been a while since I did.   And even longer since she visited. We were back home in Queens.  The house was alight.  Buzzing with a sense of celebration.  There … Read More

First Unborn.

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Dear Son, I’m not sure if I’ve done you the proper honor in remembering you the way you deserve. It’s not theoretically hard to do.  I recall everything like it was yesterday.  It’s been emotionally hard to do.   Your memory is that soft spot on the peach… that if you poke too hard, you’ll … Read More


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Every day on this day, I flip through your pictures. Telling myself that I won’t commemorate this day. I’d rather celebrate your life than remember your passing. But it’s impossible not to think that this is the day the Earth went cold. Where all the real love was drained from Gaia. When the only person … Read More


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Frankly? What a shit day. Thank God for mini getaways.  Mental and otherwise. Bone tired.   Will do more this weekend.  AWF tomorrow! YES LAWD! Avery Sunshine “Sweet Afternoon”     *

The Return

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Have a leisurely day off today.  THANK GOD.  And so I thought I’d spend a little time detailing the last 2 years. Having a run in with my regular lack of attention to bills that don’t readily power things that I need to live (water, gas, electricity, food… etc)  I lapsed on the payment to … Read More

When I Realized I Loved Him

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He was my friend for years before we started dating. I cared deeply for him as a friend and he kept doing nice things for me… like bring me a dozen roses on a bad day at work or pick me up a souvenir coming back from a trip outside NY or something like that. … Read More

94 Rugged Raw

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I’m deep by sound alone, caved inside in a thousand miles from home I need a new nigga, for this black cloud to follow Cause while it’s over me it’s too dark to see tomorrow Trying to maintain, I flip, fill the clip to the tip” -Nas   …I sit in traffic going over the … Read More


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I slept amazingly well last night. There is no mystery as to why. And it was completely welcome and needed and perfect. *sigh* I noticed though… I don’t curl my toes… they seem to point at the heights of passion. LMAO! Guess it’s that everlasting ballerina deep within me that makes her cameo every so … Read More