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Closed Every Day.

What I felt (and still feel) in my SOUL: You know… the one God put there? (not counting collaborations on other albums) The New Workout Plan Jesus Walks Two Words Heard ‘Em Say Drive Slow…

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Never My Love

Only him. Only his music can do this to me. Stop me dead in my tracks and MAKE me listen. Then dissolve me in to a little puddle of tears.  ON SIGHT. Because he reaches…

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…in my head.   Good #TBT tune. Chante Moore – As If We Never Met

Rough Night, Early Morning

Not much to say.  Super drained.  Super tired.  MIL took to cleaning her oven this am … fumes in the house are unbearable.  Gotta get out. Maybe more later. Today’s song: Jungle by Drake  …

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Can’t seem to get this song out of my head. So you can get stuck too. Biking (Solo) – Frank Ocean You’re welcome. *

Sugarwater / Pack Light

I had the honor of going to the Sugar Water Festival last night out in Jones Beach. What an amazing experience. Shouts to my coworker ebro for hooking me up with the BOMB press seats….

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So Moved … to Be

starting at 4:34 off of Common’s new album… recited by Pops Be Be here Be there Be that Be this Be grateful for life Be grateful to life Be gleeful everyday for being the best…

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