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Snagged a few PTO days for the end of next week.  Convinced the hubby that we can scoop up and walk away.  Drive to some remote town within a 3 hour radius and live there for a little while.  Somewhere with a pool or a seaside.  Somewhere with walls that don’t look like the ones … Read More

It DOES Hurt…

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This afternoon I became aware of a meeting that popped up on my agenda.   That’s not unusual.  People throw things on each other’s calendars at this company like it’s a dartboard competition.  But this one seemed eerily important.  Firstly, it was being convened by the parent company (not just my brand). Secondly, there was something … Read More

Thank you, B. Smith.

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Growing up in NYC is an adventure.   Growing up during the 90s / early Millennia even more so.  I’m partial.  That was my “coming of age”.  Fresh out of college… experiencing the “real world” – mine only has quotations around it because I lived at home for a solid decade more, not stacking chips but … Read More

When I Realized I Loved Him

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He was my friend for years before we started dating. I cared deeply for him as a friend and he kept doing nice things for me… like bring me a dozen roses on a bad day at work or pick me up a souvenir coming back from a trip outside NY or something like that. … Read More


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Seems that as an African American in this country, if you want to know any truths about our history, you have to review and search for them yourself and hope to unearth some truth. As kids growing up in this great country, we’ve been fed the history of our people that they want us to … Read More