For you…I love you.

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Such bittersweet interaction
eternal dissatisfaction
“never enuff
of your good stuff”
Or bad for that matter
if you don’t want to be around
or be found
Your uncanny ability
to become invisible
makes me so vulnerable to
your desires
I sit there and wave through
the air
hoping to catch a glimpse
of your smile
or a hint of your caress
maybe even the tenderness
of your kiss on
my spirit.
The love we share
can give so much life
but dangles me off
the brink of it
with barely enough consciousness
to indulge
like a taste of honeybrown
but having been asked
not to swallow…
Like knowing honeybrown
and having been asked
not to love.

4:55 PM

© Copyright 2003 – Thought’s Daughter

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