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We walked along a boardwalk that was headed to a beach. (not running alongside the shoreline but the water was the destination).  Along the way there were several carnival-like places to go into – gaming…

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Do Over

Crazy dream last night.  I was working in a place that was constructed as a hybrid between Vanguarde and the digital department at Emmis circa 2015. My co workers were Angela Yee and Charlamagne tha…

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Do it Anyway. Do it Now.

After a particularly rough weekend – emotionally… and after much consternation, I finally fell asleep tonight about 2 hours ago.  During which I dreamt.    It’s been a while since I did.   And even longer…

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Alternative Realities

I could have sworn I’ve written about him more, but I guess I haven’t.  I scoured the pages of my blog for his reference but really only found two.   The Chocolate Doctor.   The apparition that…

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Dear Victoria,

Dedicated to you, my eternal love. I DO hope they find you and bring you back. Lost Queen – Pharrell Love, Me.   *


4:18AM Been rustling for a half hour now. Feeling a disruption in the spirits tonight. Not sure what or who. But I am uncomfortable. I pray it’s nothing. Checking in on everyone in the morning…

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Piece of a dream

Just woke up from a brief nap and had the most insane dream.ƒ There was a lot more to it but I don’t remember it all. Earl was back from his trip. This trip was…

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