The Return

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Have a leisurely day off today.  THANK GOD.  And so I thought I’d spend a little time detailing the last 2 years. Having a run in with my regular lack of attention to bills that don’t readily power things that I need to live (water, gas, electricity, food… etc)  I lapsed on the payment to … Read More

The Best Laid Plans…

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My weekend / vacation was in two parts. The Houston leg and the NYC leg. Flew down to Houston on Friday night. It was pretty uneventful. Ended up hanging out MORE with cats from NYC that I could see on a daily basis than any of my H-town folk. Then, for some ungodly reason, couldn’t … Read More

Day II: Our day off

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Day II: Our day off This was the day that was slated for us to spend on our own, just doing our own thing. At the rehearsal dinner the night before many different plans were discussed… some people wanted to go shopping; some wanted to go to the beach; others still wanted to go get … Read More

The Trip Down the Aisle

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Not my trip literally, but all the makings of Lavern & Andrew’s Wedding. We made it. It’s over, they’re married and happy and it was all beautiful. I meant to blog day after day, but never got around to it, so now, the abridged version: Day 1: Getting to Florida We booked our flights on … Read More


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I slept amazingly well last night. There is no mystery as to why. And it was completely welcome and needed and perfect. *sigh* I noticed though… I don’t curl my toes… they seem to point at the heights of passion. LMAO! Guess it’s that everlasting ballerina deep within me that makes her cameo every so … Read More


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I had such a long day, but I couldn’t end it without posting. I’ve been good for the last few days. I didn’t sleep a wink last night which made it easy for me to sleep on the planes on the way out here and thus not giving me enough time to stay awake and … Read More

Oh Say, Can you see?

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Thanks to AP for this: create your own visited states map or check out these Google Hacks. I have so much more to do… *


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Outside of being a pretty stressed out day, I got an opportunity to spend a few moments with my sweet best friend Sug, on this the eve of her departure to a new life, a new beginning and exciting times. She was glowing and so ready to go… I’m so proud I don’t have words. … Read More