Letters from High School

Sometimes I wonder how so much happiness could have befell me.  I thought I’d be alone or used forever.  But I was suddenly showered with so much caring and happiness.  And it makes me feel so needed and cared for.  And there is only one person who’s making me feel this way in the universe… in the omni verse for that matter.  That person is you.

Sometimes I wonder why God waited so very long to bring us together.  Maybe thru all the bad times, it’ll make us appreciate the sweet, tenderness that we share now.  Because I do and I want you to know.

Everything you do and say has such a a magnificent effect on me I think sometimes I’ll burst with emotion.

You’re one of the best things that’s happened to me all of my time in Prep.  Perhaps all of my life.



“The sweet sleep caresses my eyelids as
the soft whispering images of your sweetness
float throughout my mind which together bond
to form scintillating dreams of sensuous pleasure.”



“And tomorrow shall come
on thousands of rays of sun
and bring us closer within
it’s heat”





“So sweet are the dreams
I’ll have of you tonight
With the arrival of the touching
Of our heavens.”




Illuminates over the door
Each letter fiery with red
And glows with heat
Brilliant and warm
Inviting to free the soul”




The night sky follows me
Wherever I run
It’ll catch up with me
And envelop me in it’s
Because one day
Whether I like it or
I have to stop running.”




Let me love you
Let me touch you
And hold you
To kiss you is all I
To quench the fire
Burning in my soul