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Dag. It’s been a while since I wrote. I’m not sure I’ve ever taken this amount of time away from it. I’ve just gotten quieter with age. It’s so funny… I can remember how chatty I was as a child and how my mom would continually wish for me to quiet down. She couldn’t understand … Read More


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That’s it.   That’s the post. I sit here from time to time and catch myself…. smiling. I want to spend as much time and effort extolling this place where I’ve arrived as I spent lamenting not being here.  One where my soul is not in a vice grip.  Where I don’t feel put upon every … Read More

Dread. Every day.

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Used to be that I dreaded the return to workday.   Whether it was the Monday after a regular weekend or the Tuesday after a long one.   The day before, right around 5PM or so, I’d get this cloud hanging over me, reminding me that the respite was over.  It was time to lend my full … Read More

Well… 2020…

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2020 has been quite the year thus far. Standing on the brink of May and we’ve been through a lot.  I was on medical leave for 6 weeks.  About week 2 of that leave, a worldwide pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) started to sweep across and sicken droves of people.  This called for a worldwide quarantine- … Read More

The Return

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Have a leisurely day off today.  THANK GOD.  And so I thought I’d spend a little time detailing the last 2 years. Having a run in with my regular lack of attention to bills that don’t readily power things that I need to live (water, gas, electricity, food… etc)  I lapsed on the payment to … Read More


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Here goes my recap of the weekend, since I didn’t stop and blog along the way like I thought I’d have the chance to / should have. Saturday Morning: I woke up after having a strange dream. The climate of the dream was much like the day we had to hurry Grandma off to the … Read More


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This morning, I woke up feeling really fortunate to be an big, beautiful, intelligent woman. I have so much to offer and I feel blessed by the folks that surround me. Life is at peace for me today and I think I needed it to be. Emotionally / Hormonally, the last few days have been … Read More

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I am having trouble finding enough peace tonight to sleep. I’m really troubled, but I don’t know with what… and suddenly… I feel REALLY sad. Funny that I always offer to friends that I’m available for them even in the wee hours of the morning. Maybe I do that because I know how many times … Read More