If it’s ever real again

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one day. this is what I’ll play. this is the sound of being IN love and really loving: Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough   *


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The thing about feeling wronged and then walking on the path to normalcy is that you hurt so much to just get back to normal that occasionally you forget something was wrong. Actually, things almost seem 110% better than before. All the requests that have been made for countless years; needs that have gone unfulfilled; … Read More

Chuck vs. Sirloin

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High Falootin. Hoity Toity. Uppity. Elitist. I’ve been described as such quite often. I don’t really take it as an offense. I actually think it’s a badge of honor. I want… nay… need the best out of life. I believe strongly that EVERYONE should strive for the absolute best. I was having a discussion with … Read More


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The Setup Today’s account will be of the experience that I had being one of 100 some odd Brides to be at a Kleinfeld’s / Brides Magazine / Good Morning America event. I got put on to the event by Maxine (Thanks Max!) who was selected and had asked if there was a way to … Read More