Only at this time in life
do I find that my
education fails me
and my grasp of the language
becomes weak
When someone asks me
How you make me feel.
I become overwhelmed
at the thought of
what your glance of
satisfaction can stir
inside of me
Waves of sensation
sweep through my being
a sweet aching in my
soul from your
The absence of the
summer in your eyes
that the memory of
sun-filled childhood
cannot begin to imitate;
of the sanctuary of your
That could not be
penetrated by
a thousand possessed souls;
the absence of
the soft midnight
shivering through my soul.
I can only imagine
the peace and purity
of love
Spoken of promise lands
of milk and honey
possess one fourth of the
you make me feel

1:05 AM

© Copyright 2003 – Thought’s Daughter

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