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I took a nap today. What a luxury. I’m not always afforded the opportunity. But on this lazy Saturday around 4:00 … Athena was tucked away in her room “vegging out”; Earl was at a chapter meeting. And i felt especially sleepy midday. So I laid down to sleep. Letting the white noise of air … Read More


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So… the grounding thing is… interesting. Because I’ve decided to place it on the floor under my desk and put my bare feet on it – I spend a LOT of time grounding. If I’m not up and walking around, I’m sitting at my desk working, socializing or watching shows. Just… grounding the whole time. … Read More


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So April is National Poetry month. I’ve been going through some old archives and realized there’s a ton of my poetry just scattered on notes and sheets everywhere that I’ve not actually placed in this here archive. So if anything – I’ll use this month to get some of those in here. Maybe get myself … Read More


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It’s been a good year. A lot of the prayers I prayed have been fulfilled. Others are still in the queue. I think it’s been such a good year that I neglected to come on here and document what has been happening because a lot of it has just been gratefulness. Me, with closed eyes … Read More


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That’s it.   That’s the post. I sit here from time to time and catch myself…. smiling. I want to spend as much time and effort extolling this place where I’ve arrived as I spent lamenting not being here.  One where my soul is not in a vice grip.  Where I don’t feel put upon every … Read More


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On September 9, 2021 I blogged : I really look forward to being able to look back at this time and have that “a-ha” moment where I’m like… SEEE???  NOW it makes sense. I can’t say that it’s definitely ALL making sense… but I think I can verify now that the light at the end … Read More


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not even going to stay up till midnight on this one.   *

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It’s interesting to realize the day when you are no longer anyone’s priority. Hopefully, in life, there is a span of time where someone holds you in the kind of regard where you are paramount in their thoughts and actions. That your well-being and mental health are considered before they move forward. Maybe a mom, … Read More

Caringbridge – September 15, 2021

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And now… a message from our Superhero ?? I know it’s been 2 weeks since our last update.   Earl recorded the message on Monday night after two weeks of consistent work with physical, occupational, and speech therapists making visits to our home.   His movement improved so much so that we were starting to integrate weights … Read More

Caringbridge – August 31, 2021

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Hello family – just wanted to peek my head in with a little update.  It’s been a week since Earl came home from Mt. Sinai.  In that week, progress has been made in the right direction.  Where he is today in comparison to where he was last week is like night and day and the … Read More