The Number You Have Reached…

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I have always been a radio girl. I may not have always studied each and every song as hard as others: knowing the producers and writers and performers of every single song; knowing when they were released and if they were reprises; knowing the origin of every breakbeat and every sample.  But my radio was … Read More


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rollerball bic pen tip

1985. In a class full of 30 fidgety, morphing 11-year-olds Ms. Gagliardo instructed us to begin breaking our classroom into about 5 groups. She chose the groupings regionally so that folks sitting near each other could just turn their desks inward to their circle rather than be unseated and move to someone else’s desk. “Okay … Read More


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I’ve listened to literally hundreds of motivational speakers in my life. Whether it’s been me in a crowd in person seeing them on stage, hearing them speak their truth to me on an audio book or watched their talks on videos. They’ve all had amazing stories. They’ve all overcome what to them or to the … Read More

Awkward Black Girl Who ROCKS

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By virtue of being on the team at BET Networks, I had the fortune of attending Black Girls Rock this year.   However, by that same virtue, I was only afforded one ticket.  So I wasn’t able to really experience WITH anyone else but the goal was for me to experience it at all so … Read More


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The Setup Today’s account will be of the experience that I had being one of 100 some odd Brides to be at a Kleinfeld’s / Brides Magazine / Good Morning America event. I got put on to the event by Maxine (Thanks Max!) who was selected and had asked if there was a way to … Read More


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So after giving myself a day to completely wallow in my own self pity about nothing that happened to me recently — just the residuals off of watching SFU on Sunday then getting absolutely NO sleep that night and being zombified all of yesterday (hence the lack of a post)… I came to a few … Read More

The Dress

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I walked into the boutique and it was your standard wedding dress boutique. Cute with the pink walls and ecru and ivory colored dresses lined the walls. It was cozy, and empty. At the time I showed up, all the lights were off (due to an advisory for the LES to keep their power to … Read More


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I’m feeling the resurgence of my old self coming through. I’m really excited about it because… it’s about fucking time. I’m back in the gym next week… the week after that, I’m taking a week from work to clean my house… then a trip down to Houston for some R&R then back to the grind. … Read More

Feel It

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So we went to get Max into some dresses yesterday. It’s only after the fact that I realize I could have been snapping away in the dressing room at the gowns she was trying on… but it didn’t dawn on me to multitask that way. She was stunning, though, in the 2 gowns she loved … Read More


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That’s what the date is. It’s “in the book” as Glenn from the catering hall said today as we put our first downpayment on the hall we’ve chosen to have our ceremony / reception. Now that date isn’t just imaginary anymore. It’s real. I can’t wait for the actual day. It really can’t come fast … Read More