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We decided to do it. We were fresh off the high of the Dîner en Blanc (pronounced DEE-nay un Blunh …. NO. CEE. SOUND AT THE END) in Manhattan, this year being my 3rd.  Coming out of that experience which is always grueling in the schlep to get there but once there, nothing but a good time – … Read More

Countdown to Clarke!

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Excited for this birthday gift. Athena’s Godsister, Clarke, thought that it would be a good idea to include me in her list of phenomenal women to interview for her podcast.   I was floored and honored.  And she is such an insightful, thoughtful little girl.   It’s really amazing to see what this generation is shaping up … Read More


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The Setup Today’s account will be of the experience that I had being one of 100 some odd Brides to be at a Kleinfeld’s / Brides Magazine / Good Morning America event. I got put on to the event by Maxine (Thanks Max!) who was selected and had asked if there was a way to … Read More


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This morning, I woke up feeling really fortunate to be an big, beautiful, intelligent woman. I have so much to offer and I feel blessed by the folks that surround me. Life is at peace for me today and I think I needed it to be. Emotionally / Hormonally, the last few days have been … Read More

Welcome Home / Send Off

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After the dress fitting, Sugie, Max and I headed to 203 Lounge. The send off party didn’t start till 9 and it was 7:30 now, but we had no desire to wander the streets of NY in 96 degree weather. We hopped in a cab and headed out to the lounge. We walked in and … Read More

Going Away

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I’m going to a LOT of these parties lately. In the last few weeks I’ve gone to 2 and I have 3 more coming up in the next 2 weeks. Florida. South Carolina. Georgia. Oklahoma. Everyone is leaving. It’s a mass exodus for various reasons. School. Money. Opportunity. Peace of Mind. Fleeing from the rigors … Read More

Fresh Air

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I got the call while I was out at lunch that she was waiting for me at reception. I took a call from her at my desk, making sure it was convenient for her to visit with me with relative cool. But the closer I got to my office door, the faster my pace quickened … Read More


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Things were this weekend. Things were good. Not spectacular off the hook or like… mediocre. They were good. On Friday, I came to my baby’s rescue. He’d had a miserable day (on both work and home fronts). It was up to me to put some bacitracin on the wound, gently cover with a bandaid and … Read More


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I’m feeling the resurgence of my old self coming through. I’m really excited about it because… it’s about fucking time. I’m back in the gym next week… the week after that, I’m taking a week from work to clean my house… then a trip down to Houston for some R&R then back to the grind. … Read More


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I feel like I’m back from the dead. I have time to myself now. Maybe even time to finish my many awaiting projects… clean my room… start going to the gym again. EVEN TIME TO SLEEP… which is most awesome of all. That dreaded project I’d been working on for 5 weeks has successfully completed … Read More