Chuck vs. Sirloin

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High Falootin. Hoity Toity. Uppity. Elitist. I’ve been described as such quite often. I don’t really take it as an offense. I actually think it’s a badge of honor. I want… nay… need the best out of life. I believe strongly that EVERYONE should strive for the absolute best.

I was having a discussion with a friend about Jackson Hole. It’s a restaurant around these parts that prides itself in these GINORMOUS burgers that seemingly quite a few people love. I went there once to find out what all the ruckus was about. So i went there, with my high expectations in tow and sat down to a burger of chuck meat. Dry. Unseasoned. Chuck. And I thought… why is there ANY excitement about this? After asking folks later… they said – well… look at all you get for that price (the burger was inexpensive and about the size of my head).

I can understand that mentality if you’re looking to save money. Or you’re just greedy and you want quantity over quality. But these people will argue these burgers over prime meat. Choice sirloin.

As far as I’m concerned… quality sirloin is an experience. You have to build up to it (unless you’re independently wealthy)… you have to make sure you have enough money. Then know the restaurant that serves it just the way you like it. Know how to order it to your liking and when it arrives… you savor the appearance and the aroma. You relish as you slice a morsel for you and when you eat it… it’s savory… it awakens your senses and you’re so glad that you worked up to this moment. It’s an entire experience. It creates a lasting memory of something you want to do again soon. Soon as you can afford to. As soon as you’re worthy.

Chuck is just a filler. It’s the least healthy part of the cow and of course… abundant. You can get it cheap and plentiful. Cooks up quick. Takes on the flavor of whatever you put in it. It’s just okay. You can’t go to too many discerning restaurants and order CHUCK. They’d look at you a little strangely when Sirloin is right on the menu.

But I’ve come to realize… some folks prefer chuck. The finer things in life will always elude them. I’m glad not to be one of them.



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