I’m failing this test…

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Three years now. I’ve been stuck.  Officially stuck.  Since June 1, 2017. Everything in me wanted to see this appointment as being a hail mary.  An answered prayer.  God taking my whole situation into consideration and believing that I deserved this lifesaver.  Surely I’d drown without it. Financially. Progressively with respect to my career.  Emotionally. … Read More

Rotting on the Vine

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I’m not sure what I did.  Or maybe I do. I don’t want to consider it all to be punishment.  Maybe I’m being taught a lesson. But personally and professionally, I am rotting on the vine. Whatever was previously deemed interesting, exciting, brilliant, valuable, worthy is now laying unused.  Unwanted.  Untapped. Maybe in order to … Read More

Awkward Black Girl Who ROCKS

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By virtue of being on the team at BET Networks, I had the fortune of attending Black Girls Rock this year.   However, by that same virtue, I was only afforded one ticket.  So I wasn’t able to really experience WITH anyone else but the goal was for me to experience it at all so … Read More

Haven’t The Heart

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It’s been a minute since I’ve sat down to blog my thoughts. I haven’t really had a lot of personal time. I’m busy with a project that is taking the wind out of my sails, and I cannot wait for it to be over. All experience is crucial though. Because I know once a project … Read More

You Don’t Eat Chaaaaaannnneeeeessseeee Fooooood!

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Yep… that’s how drunk I am right now. That upon discussing the delicious food (particularly the samosas) at the K-Lounge across the street that was Indian cuisine… and no one know what I was talking about (except for Li’l Vic…) I proclaimed to them all that “You don’t eat chhaaaaaa-neeeeeese-foooood”… What the fuck??? I KNEW … Read More


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Okay… so I’m stressing out. Up until this point, I was fine and really, couldn’t care less about the event I’m attending tomorrow. Just looked at it as another one of those kinds of events that calls for me to attend on be half of work. But… I won’t really be working. I’ll be attending. … Read More


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Insomnia The birds in my neighborhood start their song at 4:30AM. Why do I know this? Cause I got home from working Summer Jam at 3:00 AM… then worked for another hour and a half trying to stay ahead of the game. And I still feel like I’m behind. And as I laid my head … Read More

Free Bird…

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Free Bird… And other non-wedding related tales from the week past Free Bird: My baby did it. He flew the coop. He’d been stressing extra hard about getting out of the B.O.P. to the point where he blamed God and I had to rip him a new one about faith and belief. I told him … Read More

Cheese Fries and Red Wine

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This here is the reason I’ll never lose any significant amounts of weight and be able to KEEP it off. Because I wholeheartedly enjoy good tasting things. And they whole heartedly would like to stick to my inner thighs and buttocks and gut for the rest of my days. *sigh* Anyhow, this was the snack … Read More