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Dag. It’s been a while since I wrote. I’m not sure I’ve ever taken this amount of time away from it. I’ve just gotten quieter with age. It’s so funny… I can remember how chatty I was as a child and how my mom would continually wish for me to quiet down. She couldn’t understand … Read More

Little Woman

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Well.  It happened.   My sweet little baby girl’s body has crossed the threshold into womanhood. She got the signs of her first cycle on November 18th.  At first, she didn’t tell me anything about it.  She said she thought it was some weirdness that would pass and she washed out her panties and tried to … Read More


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Not cancer. Granulomatous Mastitis.   I think I’m feeling relief.   There are SO. MANY. OTHER. FEELINGS.  I’m sifting through in the last few days.   But I think relief is in there.   Just wanted to pause and be grateful for God giving me what I prayed for. I gotta turn up the volume on a … Read More


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Originally, E and I took today off to celebrate his birthday.  My plan was to take him around NYC and make him a tourist in his hometown.  Just like he’s always complained that he’d never been.  But a month ago when the MRI results came back begging that the next step be a biopsy of … Read More

In Service

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Okay… so he’s home. And it feels like the situation here has amplified by 500 million since when he left. Before he went to the hospital, I was in service for the most part… but little things they would still be able to handle themselves. Getting stuff to drink, making themselves something to eat, etc. … Read More

Daddy’s Home!

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My mom just gave me the call a few minutes ago telling me that they gave my Dad his discharge from the hospital. My mom sounded SO excited. Like… the way I sound when my baby comes home from somewhere far. It’s always been so vague to me about the love between them. Haitians can … Read More

The Best Laid Plans…

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My weekend / vacation was in two parts. The Houston leg and the NYC leg. Flew down to Houston on Friday night. It was pretty uneventful. Ended up hanging out MORE with cats from NYC that I could see on a daily basis than any of my H-town folk. Then, for some ungodly reason, couldn’t … Read More


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Ever feel the dynamic of a relationship change right before you and you didn’t do ANYTHING to make it happen? But just like, one day you woke up and everything was different… sometimes in a good way… sometimes, uncomfortably? When I think about it happening, I imagine the plates of the earth moving. It’s supposed … Read More


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I’m feeling the resurgence of my old self coming through. I’m really excited about it because… it’s about fucking time. I’m back in the gym next week… the week after that, I’m taking a week from work to clean my house… then a trip down to Houston for some R&R then back to the grind. … Read More