Old School

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It’s amazing what good movies can do for a night. Good, old school movies that take you back to a time and place that you’re fond of reminiscing about but maybe would never relive again. We watched 2 movies, one last night before we fell asleep on the couch and one this morning as we … Read More

God Answers Prayers

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I can’t believe I forgot to elaborate / tell the story of God’s Goodness. So I’ll do it now. My baby LOVES to lift weights. He fell in love with it shortly after college and he’s not stopped loving it since. Growing up, he was a little skinny boy with a big head and a … Read More

Yearning for Your Love

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I was sitting here updating my blog, surfing the web… and just relaxing. Enjoying a day of not HAVING to do anything (until later on when we would drive out to Noonan so we could watch Wrestlemania 21 on a big screen TV in Taz’s parent’s house). At one point, my baby and I started … Read More


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Usually, right before a flight, I sit with the jitters… butterflies in my tummy… just nervous. I always fear flying because it’s my luck that I’d die in some horrific crash or turn of events (which is probably why 9/11 freaked the hell out of me. I had nightmares for 3 months). But I’m sitting … Read More


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My brother and I headed up to the MoMAQNS today… in a rush to get there before it “closed” and relocated back to the 57th Street location. Well… our rushing was in vain… They were closed already. As you can see by the pulled gates behind my brother: But my persistence as always got us … Read More

The Power of Life and Death

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… is in the tongue. What power and awe can be instilled¬†with words. I’m sitting here on a lazy Saturday afternoon watching William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. EXCELLENT MOVIE! One of my absolute favorites. Makes me remember how much I truly love Shakespeare’s power with words. And this movie … Read More