take your time

tonight, i saw you from across the dance floor. seated at the back of the club, hanging out with the boys who were laughing and talking and drinking and joking, but you were focused. you spotted me too. your eyes never left me while i was on the dance floor, dancing and gyrating and pumping and laughing with the girls. we were both waiting for the opportune moment: when your boys would spot my girls and leave us to our own devices. it was just a matter of time. as the liquor kept pouring and the girls got a little less guarded, one by one, your boys made it to the dance floor and then to the dark corners of the lounge. i walked over to you and you didn’t move. cool in your stance, laid back in your chair. your eyes walked all over me, devouring my curves as you sipped from your drink so suggestively… you wanted me to dance on the tip of your tongue. i stood there between your legs and moved to the rhythm of the bass. enticing you to dance with me. you sat up in your chair and pressed your face to my navel and i could feel you breathing in my scent as your hand traveled a path on the back of my thigh, as high as it could go without being too suspicious. I slowly winded my waist against you as your fingers reached the joining of my leg and my ass and your fingers went uninterrupted. i could tell how much you liked being able to dip your fingers to get a sample of what was to come… i shuddered as you did, but you didn’t linger long. my skirt was short. you were hard. we had to do something about this. no one was watching us. you motioned for me to move closer to your lips and i paused in front of your face… thinking you’d kiss me… instead you put your lips close to mine, barely touching and said… “come dance with me…” i straightened up and twirled around to give you a full view of my backside and as I bent over to sit down, your hands cleared the path between my skirt and your lap. i slid in between your legs and your excitement raged against me. with a quick working of your hands, you released your self from the entrapment of your clothes and slid inside of me. the initial entry made us both freeze, just to savor that intensity. that breathlessness. once i caught my breath i started to grind against you and you laid back in the chair; my immediate desire was to bounce so i could feel the length of you inside from tip to shaft. but it would have been too obvious. so i wound and you thrusted upwards to meet me. grind. thrust. grind. thrust… the music was our score and the lights and smoke were our disguise. we moved with the beat at first. but the growing fury of our passion made it impossible for me to stay in time. i started to quicken my pace and you held me at the hips firmly as your reached up to meet me and whisper in my ear, “take your time.” i braced and i took a few slow breaths to calm down. but breathing with you inside of me… heightened my pleasure. the fact that you’re there, deep inside me, not moving… gave me chills. my nipples were completely at attention and my eyes behind closed lids rolled back as i attempted to maintain composed. “take your time.” the words were like a dare to me. “i dare you not to cum so fast. i dare you not to feel my dick in the depths of your pussy. i dare you to control yourself when we’re completely out of control” your lips caressed my earlobe as your hand took quiet inventory of my breast; you circled and squeezed my nipple and laid back in your original position to watch the show. i could feel some sweat coming from my pores now. the anxiety was too much. regaining my control, i felt you thrust upwards against me again to start the dance anew. but you were slower now. i didn’t move to see what direction you were taking us in. you moved at a much slower pace. your hands were traveling more. you reached up to spoon me again and cupped my breasts under my blouse. and you taunted breathily… now with a perceivable ache in your voice: “take your time”. your breath on my neck was more than i could handle. i let out a guarded moan as I felt you move inside me. it was going to happen. i was going to cum… and my wetness would come down on your dick and it would just be moments before you were right behind me. how would we explain that mess? did we really care? not in that moment. i felt that final, glorious build up happening. the lips between my legs were tensing and throbbing and you were cajoling them with your movements. the pressure was unbelievable. the room was spinning, the music was muddled. i’d given up all hope of maintaining my sanity. every thrust was met with a moan and you slid us backwards so i laid back against you as you reached over and played with my clit. we didn’t care what anyone saw right now. “cum for me” you breathed into my ear. and no sooner did you command it, that sweet release started to flow in waves. i moaned your name and fell into you a little deeper as your hands roamed the top of my thighs… my bosom… my arms… while my body convulsed…i finally opened my eyes and was sitting across the dance floor looking at you…imagining the possibilities.