How we got engaged

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*sigh* I’ve been waiting to write that title since I was i the 4th grade (and mean it)

Last night was the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. – Brooklyn / Long Island Alumni Chapter Scholarship Dinner Dance; which is where, in 2000, my baby and I had our first dance… So I’ve shopped all week for a dress, I say that I’m going to wear red, JUST FOR HIM and i get all the right accessories when I went shopping with my homegirl, Max. So… I got my pedicure / hair did / dress ready / relax for beatifying perfection – on. I get home and I shower and wash my hair and everything… time comes for me to do my hair and it won’t do ANYTHING 🙁 I’m getting frustrated so I just do my makeup and put on my shoes and I had just finished completely tousling (sp?) my hair when my baby walked through the door. And just as I had given up on the hair he walks up to me and says, “You look beautiful!” So everything was right…

We drove off to the Coral House (wonderful reception spot out in Baldwin Long Island). And the whole night is very nice. I’m surrounded by friends and acquaintances. Everyone is being so nice… but everyone usually is! My best friends and line sisters are fawning over me, “Oh my gosh, you look so beautiful!” And I responded with my signature, “You guys are so good for my ego!” As the night goes on, I can tell my Earl is distant… I’m serenading him with love songs and it’s like he’s not really there… his mind was elsewhere. I couldn’t figure out why… But I figured i wouldn’t stress it. In the back of my mind, I was a little frustrated thought: here I am giving him all this attention and he’s just all over the place. But hey, I’m here to have a good night so I can’t lose it.

Dinner comes and we eat and sit and chill and laugh and the dancing set from before has me going out to the main entrance to get some air. Can’t be all sweaty. Max comes with me and she’s doting on me again… “You look so beautiful, like a princess!” We stayed for a bit longer and then we went back inside, just in time for the Kappas to call for the Sweetheart Song. WHICH I ADORE!!!! It just makes me feel all giddy and girlish and wonderful. (He made me a Valentine’s Day gift once with the Sweetheart song inscribed on it:


So we’re all dancing to the sweetheart song and I’m thinking how I look forward to this moment every year. And then it was over. So I started to walk off the dance floor. But he holds me back and says, “Hold on…. I have a question…” So I’m like okay.. … u gotta ask me now?? And he says “How long have we been together?” and I said ummm i dunno… almost 4 years…. (nothing dawns on me yet STILL even as my friends are gathering around us and smiling uncontrollably). And he says:

“Then I have a really important question to ask you…” as he kneels down and starts to reach into his jacket pocket and I finally realize what he’s doing… (I’m cheesing again right now!!)… and I LOSE IT!!! Uncontrollable sobbing and “oh my god”-ing and hands-clutching-the-pearls-style unbelievable shock!

“I want to ask you here, in front of all our friends tonight… will you do me the honor of being my wife?” (Or something like that because I was so busy crying I barely heard him…. YES!!!!!!! YES! YES YES YES!!!

When I tell you I dunno what he really asked me. He could have been asking if I wanted to go get some Waffles at IHOP after this… WHATEVER HE WAS ASKING ME RIGHT THEN… I WAS SAYING YES! THERE WAS NO QUESTION. The rest of the night was dedicated to me being completely giddy and glowing and more excited than I’ve been in life and finding out how the WHOLE WORLD KNEW for a year! and managed not to trip up and let me find out.

From that point forward, he was calmer and just contented…And I will never look at him the same. He is my husband-to-be…… and I’m his Future Mrs. Fleary. *sigh*

I’m on cloud nine….



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