All Wound Up

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Time was ticking
holding my breath
increased the tension
I felt.
I prayed my promise
would be fulfilled
As I had needed to be
I lay there
so tense
my body was
a time bomb
waiting to explode
Bot only you knew
the code
to set me off
I drifted into a sleep
where I swore
you were there
teasing me
not touching me
Caressing the air
around me
and then you laid
one finger on me
in the prime position
with a feather light touch
you ignited the fuse
I waited to explode
But then I awoke…
thinking I had died
from holding my
Almost to the point of
until I heard those

“You can’t say I didn’t call…”

12:27 AM

© Copyright 2003 – Thought’s Daughter

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