Worthiness Accounting

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I would have hoped that at this point in life, I would have eased up on this algebra. My birthday is in a few weeks.   Luckily, thanks to my Sands Ronnie, I’m taking a week to head out to Vegas and just… be.  And I’m looking forward to it.  A gift to myself. A gift … Read More

One thing…

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I caught myself grinning today.  Just because.  Not that big of a deal, right?  But it was something that was so impossible for me to fathom doing just 5 months ago.  I was trapped in an 8-year spiral of what felt like perpetual retrograde. Deeply unhappy with where it looked like life was going personally, … Read More


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MY movie. I am the star. Not an extra in anyone else’s. Time to get laser focused. Be ME to ME. Be Selfish. Giving. Doting. Concerned. Generous. Loving. Considerate. Obsessed. With, To and For ME. A true fantasy. All that I’ve been to you… Not enough room to do for both. I’d be a dope … Read More


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Somethings, you just can’t get away from. In the summer of 1974, my father’s sister, Yvonne, came to stay in NY with her baby brother and relatively still new wife who was expecting their second child. Yvonne was a statuesque vision: as tall as my dad (6’5″) blonde hair, skin fairer than mine and blue … Read More

Broken Mirror

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“When did you realize you were your mother’s clone?” – old friend of mine on Facebook upon viewing this picture Yeah. THE picture. The one burned into my brain at the thought of my mom. The one that I made drawings of her based off of then presented them to her as a gift. What … Read More


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Shug: More than anything God loves admiration. Celie: You saying God is vain? Shug: No, not vain, just wanting to share a good thing. I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don’t notice it. Celie: You saying it just wanna be loved like it say … Read More

Awkward Black Girl Who ROCKS

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By virtue of being on the team at BET Networks, I had the fortune of attending Black Girls Rock this year.   However, by that same virtue, I was only afforded one ticket.  So I wasn’t able to really experience WITH anyone else but the goal was for me to experience it at all so … Read More

What’s the Plan

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People…. I tell ya… When my hair was relaxed and straight (which was for about 24 years of my life), I would wash it once a week, style it in some way that might last for about that long (so mostly a wrap resulting in a bob) that I’d unravel in the morning and put … Read More