first kiss

she looked down at at him in complete disbelief.  in a matter of moments, he managed to shatter years of collected thoughts and presumptions about her ability to feel what she was now feeling.  where she would have normally been trying to think of a way to get her partner back up to eye level so they could get to the “main event”, as she referred to it, she found herself reaching down, caressing his head and bringing him closer to her.  she’d never wanted someone’s lips so close to her own before. and he did it with such ease.  there was no pretense.  no bragging about how he was gonna lay it down like no one had done before.  no claiming that everyone else’s method was wrong and she needed to try him.  as a matter of fact… his not talking himself up and just proving himself to be superior in all other arenas brought her to his doorstep asking for him to try for her. she didn’t want to be in that isolated box anymore… where her friends would talk about how amazing it was and she would have to disagree.  then they’d all look at her like she was an alien.  she wanted to understand what they were talking about.  his track record with her thus far was spotless.  she trusted him to know what he was doing and she was right. that first time was such a shock to her.  others would get down there and either lap away like a kitten at a saucer of milk and numb any sensation for her. some would damn near gnaw at her clit with their lips and then suck entirely too hard forcing her body to convulse, but never in a good way.  not knowing how to read her body cues, they thought what they were getting was a full-on orgasm.  so she faked it as quick as she could to get them from being down there.  if they thought their mission was accomplished, they would cease the attack on her clitoris.  some guys acted like they were afraid of it.  like it was going to jump out at them or something.  not him.  he slid himself down between her legs and parted them as far as they’d go.  he used his fingers to find a path for his tongue. and then he stopped.  he didn’t dive in and assault her.  she looked away from the ceiling to see what was wrong.  but there was nothing wrong.  he was examining her.  finding the right path… taking in the size of her clit and symmetry of her pussy. and then slowly… he placed his lips around her clit… gently moving his tongue against it.  gently. slowly. steadily.  there was no rush there.  it was done with so much care and patience she was marveling at his technique and how the tingle had already reached her fingertips.  marveling so much she didn’t realize how close she was to cumming.  he had already made her cum several times by penetrating her so deeply moments before.  she didn’t expect it to rise so quickly with in her. but the magic he was we weaving with his tongue had caught up to her… she felt the rush of feeling start to pulse through her… she tried to control it so that she didn’t jerk her body towards him or startle him.  but it was like controlling a tidal wave.  he was the first man to give her this clitoral orgasm she’d been chasing.  he was the first man to do it with his lips and tongue. and the idea of that drove her over the top.  she saw stars and her breathing was pronounced as the final throbbing started to subside.  she felt much needed sleep beginning to take her over and he sat within inches of where he had made history for her… just enjoying the sight of her body, finally pleased and relaxed.