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Dear Victoria,

Dedicated to you, my eternal love. I DO hope they find you and bring you back. Lost Queen – Pharrell Love, Me.   *

The Sweetest Things

I LIVE for these little moments. They are the ones that last in my mind forever and ever. And they usually cost no money… require no advance planning but have such a lasting impression that…

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Tell Him

We would lay there and I’d caress his skin and every inch was a new delightful sensation for me. Did I let him know it? I’d kiss his lips and they were the perfect size…

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To My Rescue

I’ve never been a fanatic for anyone. I’ve never been a fan; or at least, not a habitually screaming one. I used to listen to Marvin Gaye’s recording of the Star Spangled Banner and other…

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In a Loving Way

Everyone around me seems like they’re passionately in love today. This morning on the train, every man was singing. Some sweet tune of love with clear crisp voices wrought with dedication. Working at the wine…

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