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That’s it.   That’s the post. I sit here from time to time and catch myself…. smiling. I want to spend as much time and effort extolling this place where I’ve arrived as I spent lamenting not being here.  One where my soul is not in a vice grip.  Where I don’t feel put upon every … Read More

Thank you, B. Smith.

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Growing up in NYC is an adventure.   Growing up during the 90s / early Millennia even more so.  I’m partial.  That was my “coming of age”.  Fresh out of college… experiencing the “real world” – mine only has quotations around it because I lived at home for a solid decade more, not stacking chips but … Read More


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The Setup Today’s account will be of the experience that I had being one of 100 some odd Brides to be at a Kleinfeld’s / Brides Magazine / Good Morning America event. I got put on to the event by Maxine (Thanks Max!) who was selected and had asked if there was a way to … Read More


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This morning, I woke up feeling really fortunate to be an big, beautiful, intelligent woman. I have so much to offer and I feel blessed by the folks that surround me. Life is at peace for me today and I think I needed it to be. Emotionally / Hormonally, the last few days have been … Read More

Fresh Air

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I got the call while I was out at lunch that she was waiting for me at reception. I took a call from her at my desk, making sure it was convenient for her to visit with me with relative cool. But the closer I got to my office door, the faster my pace quickened … Read More

Old School

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It’s amazing what good movies can do for a night. Good, old school movies that take you back to a time and place that you’re fond of reminiscing about but maybe would never relive again. We watched 2 movies, one last night before we fell asleep on the couch and one this morning as we … Read More

Fahhhbulous, Dahhling

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After spending the evening on Saturday setting up the wireless network in Max’s basement, she offered to treat me to brunch in the morning to show her gratitude. So I woke up Sunday morning at about 10 AM and leisurely got ready for a 1:00 meeting time for Deborah’s… can’t get enough of that place. … Read More

Listened to

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This week was especially hard for me. First time in a long time that I almost did the “sleep at work” thing in order to get caught up on some long overdue and piling up work. It definitely helped me to put a dent in what existed. And thanks very much to Blinkwell, I didn’t … Read More