Not Long Enough

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Weekends need to be my weeks. Monday through Friday, I vie for Saturday and Sunday and just before I get a chance to indulge… they’re over. This weekend was no different. It was quiet and peaceful and fun and relaxing. Everything I needed it to be after last week. Friday started off with a trip to the hospital.

My brother, his friend Lina, my baby and I went to visit Mr. Carl Younger. A 78-year-old man who we would ALL hope to be like when we get to be that age. He had a knee replacement and was at Lenox Hill Hospital recovering. We sat there and he was gracious as ever. So debonaire and hospitable… even despite being incapacitated. We talked and he told us how much he loved us young people. “Children” he called us. Gosh. That felt so good. For a second, I felt like I was 15 again and was worthy of that moniker. At one point he asked my baby where he was from and he responded that Bk is where he was born but his family is from Grenada. And Carl went on this mental ride of all the places he’d been. How he was in Grenada purchasing Emeralds (Grenada Emeralds are only second to Columbian Emeralds – according to Carl)… on 9/11 when the news came that the planes crashed down. Or was he in Brazil…? Or could it have been Venezuela…? I sat there listening to him be confused about the various places he’d been in the world. I hope to be confused like that one day. After having seen so many wonders of the world in my old age to mix them up a little… How wonderous is that….? Carl gives us inspiration on so many levels. But mostly, to live life to it’s fullest and not waste one single moment. He performed in the USO and danced with Dorothy Dandridge, he’s traveled all over the world. And he’s still restless and wants to do more. Simply inspiring.

We came home from our visit with Carl and I packed up my bags with stuff for my chapter meeting and my baby whisked me off to his house. We picked up dinner and got back to his house around 1:00. We ate and watched TV (I think Nemo was on) and after food was done, we laid out on the couch for a “nap”. (which we subsequently woke up from at 4:00 am) and we repositioned in his bed and slept till 9 am.

In the morning, we got a glimpse of parenthood. His cousins are now staying in the basement. They are 8, 10 and 14. They get up before anyone else does so they were running around in the basement and acting a fool. We’d just woken up and felt a little frisky. I had to exercise extreme silence, knowing that too much noise would alert the kids to anything we were doing. Once our love was made, we were laying there, me giggling and him recouping, just as a knock came to the door. “Cousin Earl….do you have a scissor?” … “Okay… Yeah…” he shouted…”Hold on…” I had to stifle more giggles as my baby whispered to me, “They need to back away from the door… this is Grown folks business.” He winked and headed to the door. When he came back we were both like… I guess this is what we’ll look forward to as parents. Funny… We’ll have to soundproof the house. LMAO!

We got up eventually and got ready and my baby brought me to a very brief and wonderfully curt Chapter meeting. From which he promptly picked me up from and we went to hang with Max for a little bit and then back home for an afternoon cat nap. Woke up and showered and went out to dinner with Max & the Zeenman, Isis and her fiance Eric. We ate and talked and drank and laughed it up till 1 in the morning. It was fun.

Today is Mother’s day and I’m sitting here watching old stepshows with my baby. I’ll head home in a little bit but this weekend needed to last longer. I love lounging out and having nothing else to HAVE to do. Just relaxing and watching the day get longer and smelling the flowers and sitting with my baby. These are how days are supposed to be.



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