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My brother and I headed up to the MoMAQNS today… in a rush to get there before it “closed” and relocated back to the 57th Street location. Well… our rushing was in vain… They were closed already. As you can see by the pulled gates behind my brother:

But my persistence as always got us somewhere. I went tugging on doors just to see… and eventually a security guard came out and said, “I’m supposed to come out here and offer you alternatives.” At that point he told us about the Museum for African Art and the P.S.1. Museums. Both about 15 or 20 minutes away from where we were, walking. So… we hit both of them up. What amazing images I have in my head because of them. I saw so many pieces that deeply affected me. I’ll comment on the ones I took pictures of in my gallery.

There was one exhibit that I couldn’t take pictures of because it was in the P.S.1. gallery (and photography wasn’t allowed)… but it was the Hans-Peter Feldman: 100 Years exhibit: a photographer who took pictures of people… one person per picture… each person was a year older than the last. There were 100 pictures all around the room. It was refreshing to see that the 30 year old was still on the “first” wall… and you hadn’t even gotten halfway across the room. When I turned around in front of the 30 year old… I just saw personified… how much more life there is to live. Gosh… although it may be presumptuous of me to think that I will make it to 100… even to 60… it’s a whole other lifetime. I have so much to look foward to. It was comforting to see that the 100-year-old was named “Marie Victoria”. I smiled.

One art exhibit that was pretty quick and to the point showed an oversized yellow post-it note on a wall above a water fountain… and it said:

The most important things aren’t things.

With that, my brother reached to the water fountain to push it for a stream of water… and nothing happened. Sometimes the most important things are ability.

I was a little fly girl today. I MUST have been. The little mexican/dominican/ecuadorian men were hollering at me today like I was going out of style. It was crazy. They haven’t paid so much attention to me since I was 16. But I guess it had to be the way I was carrying myself and my umbrella… like I couldn’t be bothered. But it felt good. The lady at the restaurant when my brother and I went to eat told me how nice I looked. I’m all dolled up right now waiting to go to Li’l Vic’s birthday party. I took a few pics of myself. I’ll upload them later and put them in the misc. of my gallery. But for now… time to pack up and go shake it up 🙂



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