No Assembly Required

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Do you know when the last time
I had a look shot across the
room at me
boldly saying, “Girl…
If it wasn’t for all these people
I’d take you
right now.”
Makin’ my heart skip a beat
and tremble and tingle inside….
I honestly can’t remember
how long ago it was that my
bra strap was lowered
leaving a path for wet kisses
to follow behind…
makes my head swim just thinking
about it.
Ooooh… and how about
the last time
The passion was so high and hot
That the button-fly
of my Levi
501 jeans just
flew open in his grip
And the look of satisfaction
in his eye when it did so quick…
I’m finding it hard to
remember back to
when I was blindfolded
and tied to the bed
and I was tricked and teased
with his tongue and a feather
Or the last time he just couldn’t wait
any more
and he wrenched my legs apart
and entered me in one fell sweep
I never imagined anything could go
as deep
as him
or be
as wet
as me
as on fire
as we
The last time?
Never in my life
But now that we’ve read the
Maybe you could use me
as directed
And we could bring my dreams
some life.


© Copyright 2003 – Thought’s Daughter

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