Little Woman

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Well.  It happened.   My sweet little baby girl’s body has crossed the threshold into womanhood. She got the signs of her first cycle on November 18th.  At first, she didn’t tell me anything about it.  She said she thought it was some weirdness that would pass and she washed out her panties and tried to … Read More


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We decided to do it. We were fresh off the high of the Dîner en Blanc (pronounced DEE-nay un Blunh …. NO. CEE. SOUND AT THE END) in Manhattan, this year being my 3rd.  Coming out of that experience which is always grueling in the schlep to get there but once there, nothing but a good time – … Read More

Cuarenta y Tres

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Happy Birthday to me! Forty Three. The image is a label from a sweet, sticky, golden liquor that my mom used to indulge in on special occasions or whenever there was a serious edge to take off.   On some of those occasions, she’d let me dip my pinky finger in and taste what it was like.  … Read More


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Now/Now “She made my heart beat in a Now/Now time signature” -Mos Def Happy birthday to me! I’m dedicating my year to living in the now… in the name of the wonderful memories I’ll extract from them to take with me when I go. Now is all we have. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow – we … Read More


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So I usually use the 24 hours of a new year to give me an indicator of what the rest of the year will be like. It never really works, but at least it helps me to define a positive outlook on the rest of the year before it starts. I’ve gotten, in the last … Read More

Welcome Home / Send Off

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After the dress fitting, Sugie, Max and I headed to 203 Lounge. The send off party didn’t start till 9 and it was 7:30 now, but we had no desire to wander the streets of NY in 96 degree weather. We hopped in a cab and headed out to the lounge. We walked in and … Read More

Going Away

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I’m going to a LOT of these parties lately. In the last few weeks I’ve gone to 2 and I have 3 more coming up in the next 2 weeks. Florida. South Carolina. Georgia. Oklahoma. Everyone is leaving. It’s a mass exodus for various reasons. School. Money. Opportunity. Peace of Mind. Fleeing from the rigors … Read More