The Number You Have Reached…

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I have always been a radio girl. I may not have always studied each and every song as hard as others: knowing the producers and writers and performers of every single song; knowing when they were released and if they were reprises; knowing the origin of every breakbeat and every sample.  But my radio was … Read More

The Day Ossie Died

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“Here – at this final hour, in this quiet place – Black Love and Endurance has come to bid farewell to one half of a team that held its brightest hopes -extinguished now, and gone from us forever. For Black Love and Endurance is where he worked and where he struggled and fought – his … Read More


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I’ve been reading a lot lately… and this was sent to me by my dear Max.. Testicle torn off by ex-lover Press Association Wednesday January 12, 2005 The Guardian A jilted woman admitted ripping off her ex-lover’s testicle with her hands after he refused to have sex with her. Amanda Monti, 24, flew into a … Read More


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I went to the Concert for Love tonight which was to benefit the American Diabetes Association where famous performers come out and perform the music of Luther Vandross. Which was wonderful cause I sho do love me some Luther. He’s the best. Well, Lalah Hathaway was on the bill. And I have to say… as … Read More


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My brother and I headed up to the MoMAQNS today… in a rush to get there before it “closed” and relocated back to the 57th Street location. Well… our rushing was in vain… They were closed already. As you can see by the pulled gates behind my brother: But my persistence as always got us … Read More

Superman is Dead

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It’s not too strange to think that’s what he’ll be remembered as. He was the Superman of my time. Seeing him on the screen made me think… “I wish there was someone like that on the Earth who was that concerned about people’s safety and well being.” Made me a little sad, so young, that … Read More

The Power of Life and Death

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… is in the tongue. What power and awe can be instilled¬†with words. I’m sitting here on a lazy Saturday afternoon watching William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. EXCELLENT MOVIE! One of my absolute favorites. Makes me remember how much I truly love Shakespeare’s power with words. And this movie … Read More

September 11th

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I woke up this morning to the constant pounding and hammering next door. The vastness and emptiness of that apartment magnified every slam, footstep and sliding. Just another reminder that the neighbors next door are gone. Mad that they couldn’t start at 10:00AM or maybe do it during the week when I would have normally … Read More

Vacation — All I ever wanted

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My Soundtrack for this week: When I tell you that this week was NEEDED… I kid you not. I was so tense up until this point. But I’m so relaxed now and happier. I really cleaned and organized. My room is once again a safe haven for me to sit and think and just be. … Read More