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I’m a native New Yorker and I’m proud of that… somehow, I’ve made it this far.

I am incredibly youthful and don’t feel my age. I have entirely too many things on my plate. I worry a lot. I care a lot. My people are VERY important to me. I feel hurt deeply. I love music infinitely. I don’t understand why we’re here – but I’m honored for everyday I make the cut.

My ancestors are more than just stories and memories to me. They made me who I am. I am parts of them that live on and I miss them with a fierceness that evades words.

I work hard every day of my life to protect myself of selfishness, misery and general apathy that swallows this world whole… and I now prepare to protect the sweet little one I’m raising from those same afflictions.

And this is the site where I allow myself to ponder… and be profound to anyone… to no one… but most importantly… to myself.

Thought’s Daughter:
1) I discovered years ago that my father was a well reknowned poet in Haiti, he was a radio personality / actor, loved and revered. I always wondered where my poetry came from. I am Thought’s Daughter
2) Play on words… if you say it faster… it says more than what it says. It starts you thinking… I want to be a thought starter.
3) The child of thought is action. I want to constantly be in motion… because I am bringing life to my thinking. And making the results of my thoughts my life.

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