One thing…

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I caught myself grinning today.  Just because.  Not that big of a deal, right?  But it was something that was so impossible for me to fathom doing just 5 months ago.  I was trapped in an 8-year spiral of what felt like perpetual retrograde. Deeply unhappy with where it looked like life was going personally, … Read More


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We walked along a boardwalk that was headed to a beach. (not running alongside the shoreline but the water was the destination).  Along the way there were several carnival-like places to go into – gaming places, music club, bars, etc.   I noticed that she was all at once my mother and my daughter.  But I … Read More

Do Over

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Crazy dream last night.  I was working in a place that was constructed as a hybrid between Vanguarde and the digital department at Emmis circa 2015. My co workers were Angela Yee and Charlamagne tha God from the Power 105.1 breakfast club and instead of DJ Envy, the third member of the group was Pharrell … Read More

Do it Anyway. Do it Now.

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After a particularly rough weekend – emotionally… and after much consternation, I finally fell asleep tonight about 2 hours ago.  During which I dreamt.    It’s been a while since I did.   And even longer since she visited. We were back home in Queens.  The house was alight.  Buzzing with a sense of celebration.  There … Read More

Alternative Realities

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I could have sworn I’ve written about him more, but I guess I haven’t.  I scoured the pages of my blog for his reference but really only found two.   The Chocolate Doctor.   The apparition that has materialized in my dreams a number of times.   When he shows up in the dream, I INSTANTLY know who … Read More

Dear Victoria,

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Dedicated to you, my eternal love. I DO hope they find you and bring you back. Lost Queen – Pharrell Love, Me.   *


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rollerball bic pen tip

1985. In a class full of 30 fidgety, morphing 11-year-olds Ms. Gagliardo instructed us to begin breaking our classroom into about 5 groups. She chose the groupings regionally so that folks sitting near each other could just turn their desks inward to their circle rather than be unseated and move to someone else’s desk. “Okay … Read More


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I’ve listened to literally hundreds of motivational speakers in my life. Whether it’s been me in a crowd in person seeing them on stage, hearing them speak their truth to me on an audio book or watched their talks on videos. They’ve all had amazing stories. They’ve all overcome what to them or to the … Read More


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4:18AM Been rustling for a half hour now. Feeling a disruption in the spirits tonight. Not sure what or who. But I am uncomfortable. I pray it’s nothing. Checking in on everyone in the morning light. *

Piece of a dream

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Just woke up from a brief nap and had the most insane dream.ƒ There was a lot more to it but I don’t remember it all. Earl was back from his trip. This trip was a hunting expedition of some kind. And on the trip he nabbed a small tiger. We were in a hotel … Read More