Little Woman

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Well.  It happened.   My sweet little baby girl’s body has crossed the threshold into womanhood. She got the signs of her first cycle on November 18th.  At first, she didn’t tell me anything about it.  She said she thought it was some weirdness that would pass and she washed out her panties and tried to … Read More

One thing…

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I caught myself grinning today.  Just because.  Not that big of a deal, right?  But it was something that was so impossible for me to fathom doing just 5 months ago.  I was trapped in an 8-year spiral of what felt like perpetual retrograde. Deeply unhappy with where it looked like life was going personally, … Read More


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Strange year, 2020. Grateful to have had a long pause.   Hate the reason why. Happy to have spent so much up close and personal time with my beautiful budding baby girl. Happy to have dedicated time to starting my own venture – even if I’m still not 1000% clear on the direction. Happy to have … Read More

Do it Anyway. Do it Now.

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After a particularly rough weekend – emotionally… and after much consternation, I finally fell asleep tonight about 2 hours ago.  During which I dreamt.    It’s been a while since I did.   And even longer since she visited. We were back home in Queens.  The house was alight.  Buzzing with a sense of celebration.  There … Read More

Countdown to Clarke!

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Excited for this birthday gift. Athena’s Godsister, Clarke, thought that it would be a good idea to include me in her list of phenomenal women to interview for her podcast.   I was floored and honored.  And she is such an insightful, thoughtful little girl.   It’s really amazing to see what this generation is shaping up … Read More

The Return

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Have a leisurely day off today.  THANK GOD.  And so I thought I’d spend a little time detailing the last 2 years. Having a run in with my regular lack of attention to bills that don’t readily power things that I need to live (water, gas, electricity, food… etc)  I lapsed on the payment to … Read More

Tiny Counselor

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Our conversation last night before our bedtime story. Me: Can I ask you a favor? Tiny Counselor: Sure, Mommy! Me: Can I have a bunch of hugs from you? TC: Sure! Are you okay? Me:  Yeah… I’m pretty sad today. TC: WHY  Mommy??  You can tell me the truth. Me:  *thinking about the right thing … Read More


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Laying here in the darkness, slightly wavy from the effects of the Russian Standard… I think upon what I just saw. Before getting into the shower tonight I stopped to inspect the contents of the bathroom mirror. There stood a nearly 43 year old woman. I can’t even say a version of what I have … Read More

Awkward Black Girl Who ROCKS

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By virtue of being on the team at BET Networks, I had the fortune of attending Black Girls Rock this year.   However, by that same virtue, I was only afforded one ticket.  So I wasn’t able to really experience WITH anyone else but the goal was for me to experience it at all so … Read More