Made for Love

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Me: Why do you love me so much? Her: Huh? Me: Really- why do you love me SO much? And you can’t list the things I do for you as reasons why. I do all the things for you. But why do you love ME? Her: *pauses….pensive* Her: Because I was made for this. Me: … Read More

Polluted soul

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I took a nap today. What a luxury. I’m not always afforded the opportunity. But on this lazy Saturday around 4:00 … Athena was tucked away in her room “vegging out”; Earl was at a chapter meeting. And i felt especially sleepy midday. So I laid down to sleep. Letting the white noise of air … Read More


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I’ve spent the last few weeks binge-watching VEEP. All seven seasons. It was something that was on my watch list for some time and lately, I’ve been in the show whole. I think I remember coming to know about the series for an interview that Julia Louis-Dreyfus did with David Letterman for his “My Next … Read More


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So… the grounding thing is… interesting. Because I’ve decided to place it on the floor under my desk and put my bare feet on it – I spend a LOT of time grounding. If I’m not up and walking around, I’m sitting at my desk working, socializing or watching shows. Just… grounding the whole time. … Read More


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So April is National Poetry month. I’ve been going through some old archives and realized there’s a ton of my poetry just scattered on notes and sheets everywhere that I’ve not actually placed in this here archive. So if anything – I’ll use this month to get some of those in here. Maybe get myself … Read More


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Dag. It’s been a while since I wrote. I’m not sure I’ve ever taken this amount of time away from it. I’ve just gotten quieter with age. It’s so funny… I can remember how chatty I was as a child and how my mom would continually wish for me to quiet down. She couldn’t understand … Read More


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It’s been a good year. A lot of the prayers I prayed have been fulfilled. Others are still in the queue. I think it’s been such a good year that I neglected to come on here and document what has been happening because a lot of it has just been gratefulness. Me, with closed eyes … Read More

Little Woman

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Well.  It happened.   My sweet little baby girl’s body has crossed the threshold into womanhood. She got the signs of her first cycle on November 18th.  At first, she didn’t tell me anything about it.  She said she thought it was some weirdness that would pass and she washed out her panties and tried to … Read More

Worthiness Accounting

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I would have hoped that at this point in life, I would have eased up on this algebra. My birthday is in a few weeks.   Luckily, thanks to my Sands Ronnie, I’m taking a week to head out to Vegas and just… be.  And I’m looking forward to it.  A gift to myself. A gift … Read More

One thing…

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I caught myself grinning today.  Just because.  Not that big of a deal, right?  But it was something that was so impossible for me to fathom doing just 5 months ago.  I was trapped in an 8-year spiral of what felt like perpetual retrograde. Deeply unhappy with where it looked like life was going personally, … Read More