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I’ve spent the last few weeks binge-watching VEEP. All seven seasons. It was something that was on my watch list for some time and lately, I’ve been in the show whole. I think I remember coming to know about the series for an interview that Julia Louis-Dreyfus did with David Letterman for his “My Next … Read More

Worthiness Accounting

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I would have hoped that at this point in life, I would have eased up on this algebra. My birthday is in a few weeks.   Luckily, thanks to my Sands Ronnie, I’m taking a week to head out to Vegas and just… be.  And I’m looking forward to it.  A gift to myself. A gift … Read More


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Snagged a few PTO days for the end of next week.  Convinced the hubby that we can scoop up and walk away.  Drive to some remote town within a 3 hour radius and live there for a little while.  Somewhere with a pool or a seaside.  Somewhere with walls that don’t look like the ones … Read More

Perceived Value.

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This reciprocity thing… Really takes me for a loop on a regular. Perception is king.  So maybe what I think, feel, say… how I hold others in whatever regard… might be my reality.   Maybe I’m lending to the narrative that I’m just a bit character in the greater scheme of their lives.  That I should … Read More

Broken Mirror

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“When did you realize you were your mother’s clone?” – old friend of mine on Facebook upon viewing this picture Yeah. THE picture. The one burned into my brain at the thought of my mom. The one that I made drawings of her based off of then presented them to her as a gift. What … Read More

In My Solitude

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E leaves for his much anticipated much planned for and long awaited Inaugural College Tour that he’s planned and pieced together virtually by himself. So from now until Saturday – he’ll be on the road changing these young people’s lives.  He’s so excited – like a giddy little kid who’s scheduled to be on the … Read More

Loving you is complicated…

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It’s been quiet in my world.  This is something I’m getting used to.  If I’m not being bombarded on texts or emails full of things people want from me…. well… it’s quiet.  It’s bothering me a lot this week.  I could use someone to just chat with.  Or hang out with and have nothing important … Read More


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Okay… so I’m stressing out. Up until this point, I was fine and really, couldn’t care less about the event I’m attending tomorrow. Just looked at it as another one of those kinds of events that calls for me to attend on be half of work. But… I won’t really be working. I’ll be attending. … Read More