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So April is National Poetry month. I’ve been going through some old archives and realized there’s a ton of my poetry just scattered on notes and sheets everywhere that I’ve not actually placed in this here archive. So if anything – I’ll use this month to get some of those in here. Maybe get myself back into the habit of journaling.

Here are a couple:

Make me…
Make me poetry. 
Make me music.
Make me giggle. 
Make me cum. 
Make me
feel… cherished, worshipped, desired, precious, honored, respected, appreciated…. irreplaceable.


I understand now.
I am in purgatory.
You’re a part of that. 


Once upon a time
I was stronger 
And young. 
And hopeful
Full of fairy tales and fables
Of what my life could be 
If I JUST believed. 
I believed hard enough to
Move mountains and
Drain oceans
Halt time and
Alter realities.
Believed hard enough to
Spin the yarn of life into being
Because i willed it
With all my being.

But now looking back
And looking forward 
I don’t see what I once saw. 
I’m out of energy 
The fairy tales have all rung false
And faint truths don’t fortify with enough
To sustain me.
Tethered by a single unbreakable fiber…
I yearn for freedom.
Freedom from judgment 
Freedom from expectations 
Freedom from lies
And justification.

Freedom from having to find my true self
I’m a world that never really saw me
I’ll languish at the end of this chain
Until time finally comes to absolve me.  


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