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I’ve spent the last few weeks binge-watching VEEP. All seven seasons. It was something that was on my watch list for some time and lately, I’ve been in the show whole. I think I remember coming to know about the series for an interview that Julia Louis-Dreyfus did with David Letterman for his “My Next … Read More

Tough Night

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I went to bed early last night in the hopes of catching a few extra z’s. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the divine plan for me. Around 4:00 AM I must have tossed or turned and been aware of my surroundings (because usually, when I sleep… that’s it. I’m dead to the world). I heard yelling outside. … Read More


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Today on the train in, I was armed to shut out the world. I had my Shuffle in hand (yes, it’s a regular appendage now), my phone was on text message so I never had to lose touch with my peoples and I donned my shroud of general apathy till I get to my destination. … Read More


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I love a challenge. Anything that I’m told is too hard to figure out, chances are, I’ll gravitate towards it and excel at it. I was 8, my brother was 12 and we went to sleep to a relatively empty clean apt on Christmas eve that year. Woke up to my brother shaking me awake … Read More

Dimension Dementia

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Sometimes, I’m really not sure that I’m all the way here. Like… all of this is a dream that I’ve not yet waken up from and it seems long but really it’s only been like… 3 minutes of REM sleep in the real dimension where I actually live. Which I probably am living in when … Read More

Sense of Community

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It’s the last thing that expect to find on a train in New York City. Last time I saw any inkling of it was the days after 9/11 when everyone sat in morbid silence in respect of everyone else’s personal thoughts. Men gave up their chairs to women (pretty or otherwise) and elders were given … Read More

Sugarwater / Pack Light

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I had the honor of going to the Sugar Water Festival last night out in Jones Beach. What an amazing experience. Shouts to my coworker ebro for hooking me up with the BOMB press seats. I was giddy sitting there waiting for the lights to come up. I just sat (really stood, danced, sang along … Read More

At Odds

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I always read growing up that Libras are the champions of the underdog. Whatever the case is… who ever is most affected and least paid attention to, that’s who we’re rooting for. This also, in a lot of ways makes us the Devil’s Advocate in many popular situations. It seems like yesterday I was just … Read More

Out of sight…

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I’ve been incredibly tired and listless and feeling less and less productive lately. I haven’t even had any thoughts to write down in my blog. I figured I would post tonight to make sure that I put something down. But with nothing to say… I’m going to turn in. I hope to get enough sleep … Read More


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Okay… so it’s been a 3 blog day. You know what that means. I just couldn’t relate. I couldn’t relate… I had to get in there and mix it up… *Sigh* I LOVE that little cartoon. For those that are clueless, please watch this film: StrongBad Email (gotta watch it through to the end). I … Read More