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not even going to stay up till midnight on this one.   *

Priority: 0 / Solar Flares

It’s interesting to realize the day when you are no longer anyone’s priority. Hopefully, in life, there is a span of time where someone holds you in the kind of regard where you are paramount…

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A tough couple of days.  Weeks… Months… So – since our “vacation” to Mexico – I’ve been in a serious slump.  Like seriously depressed.   The vacation was supposed to be a reprieve from the everyday…

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Not ok.

Told the future I was ready.   Universe told me to sit my ass down. This is it.   Must start blogging more – I think this has been THE most sparse year.  I’m withdrawing….

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Please, love me. Please, want me.

It doesn’t make sense to beg for these things. If someone doesn’t want to… If they aren’t naturally inclined to…. or inspired to… what’s the sense of begging for it… bribing them… cajoling or convincing?…

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Misinterpreting the Universe

Got the urge to watch my favorite scene from West Side Story last night… the one where two star crossed lovers notice each other across the room and float to one another.  The world fades…

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I’m a normally twitchy person. When I hear loud thuds in the house (any house I live in) I react like a first responder.  I hop up and investigate.  Did something fall?  Did something fall…

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Hunker down

I want to embrace this energy.  I know that change is hard and scary and daunting and necessary.  Never has it really ever been fun (the process of change).  But it can lead to fun……

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Sold out on love

I have a vivid memory. Just before I stopped dating anymore, I dated one last person.  I invested a lot into him which is strange because I wasn’t really attracted to him at first.  But…

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What I Want

This post is an assignment from my therapist. She asked me to take a few moments to sit and think about what I want. The ask is lofty. I want so much. But I’ll attempt…

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