Feel It

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So we went to get Max into some dresses yesterday. It’s only after the fact that I realize I could have been snapping away in the dressing room at the gowns she was trying on… but it didn’t dawn on me to multitask that way. She was stunning, though, in the 2 gowns she loved … Read More


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So I’ve ordered new hosting for my blog… I hated the host I was on before and have come to the decision that I don’t want to get dicked in the ass anymore if I haven’t asked for it. And this is one of those situations where I was like “I’d like to pay for … Read More

Empty City

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Empty City I’m at work today and I have to say, althought I HATE being at work on a national holiday, I do certainly appreciate NY more like this than any other way. The train ride was stress-free, I found a seat… made all the connections with no worries; there werent a million people on … Read More


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Today was pretty blah. I had a restless nights sleep. Last night I cut a “friend” off. I use that loosely. He wasn’t much of a friend. More like… someone I gave and gave and gave to… and he took and took and took… and expected more. Which was a perfectly fine model of friendship … Read More