Big and Beautiful

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Tonight I surprised my baby with tickets to see Jill Scott in concert. I’ve been planning this since January and couldn’t wait for the nostalgia of the remake of our first date. October 10, 2000, I got tickets for he and I to see Jill Scott open for Common (how long ago was that?) at … Read More

Oh Say, Can you see?

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Thanks to AP for this: create your own visited states map or check out these Google Hacks. I have so much more to do… *

Dance, Ya Know it!

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Today was filled with entertainment. Firstly i got the opportunity to hang with Max ALL DAY. I thought I would bore her to death, but somehow I managed not to. First orde of the day was to attend the 2:00 PM Matinee of Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, which has always managed to put me in … Read More


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My brother and I headed up to the MoMAQNS today… in a rush to get there before it “closed” and relocated back to the 57th Street location. Well… our rushing was in vain… They were closed already. As you can see by the pulled gates behind my brother: But my persistence as always got us … Read More

Self Loathing

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“We don’t like ourselves sometimes,” mom said today as she cut half of the jelly donut waiting for my dad when he came back. “More than sometimes,” I replied. I really thought about what she said today. We hate ourselves sometimes, even. Downright don’t care enough to treat ourselves with love and respect. To care … Read More


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Date night was. I felt like I was in high school again. Firstly, my baby remembered that we had always passed this sign on the highway on our way to his apt that said “ARIRANG – HIBACHI RESTAURANT” and said to each other that we’d want to go… So last night was his turn for … Read More


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This past weekend was spent watching many a movie. One I didn’t mention (as I run extremely late for work) is Bowling for Columbine. I was fortunate to find the most riveting and significant part (to me) to share with my blog (and anyone looking on). Enjoy a history lesson about fear in America and … Read More

Happy Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day!!! To any fathers out there. I’m blessed to have had mine this long… Although he’s crazy! So be a blessing to your kids too, if you can! They hold you in the highest regard. I remember thinking, when I was a little kid… that my dad was the strongest man in the … Read More

More Mexico

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Visuals… moving ones!! A little video edit a la Dave Chapelle circa Rick James true story. (I had to do it… it was entirely too funny) Forgive the explicitness and cussing. According to Kdot I was “four sheets to the wind” (meaning I had had one glass of wine too many). It was feeling right … Read More