The Sweetest Things

Categories: romance

I LIVE for these little moments. They are the ones that last in my mind forever and ever. And they usually cost no money… require no advance planning but have such a lasting impression that I take them with me into bad days to bring a little light. Lounging around on Sunday afternoon fixing my baby’s computer (which is how we got together, mind you… I’d offer to fix his computer so I could get closer to him and be in his space) i sent him off to shower so that I could do the same and we could hit the pavement. While he was showering, I laid on the couch and was watching Harry Potter. Or at least I thought I was watching Harry Potter. I must’ve dozed off at some point, feeling very restful and safe… and out of nowhere… a soft sensation touched my lips… and i inhaled sweet, clean, damp scent of his freshly showered skin. He’d gently planted one on me to wake me and I couldn’t stop smiling all day.

I think I haven’t stopped smiling yet…



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