It DOES Hurt…

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This afternoon I became aware of a meeting that popped up on my agenda.   That’s not unusual.  People throw things on each other’s calendars at this company like it’s a dartboard competition.  But this one seemed eerily important.  Firstly, it was being convened by the parent company (not just my brand). Secondly, there was something … Read More


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Say Thank You – Jill Scott   *

My Spirit Animal

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I could play her every year for Halloween and never get bored. An Awkward Situation… Felt that way again crossing paths with someone I’d thought was a friend but… was conveniently left out of something significant.  Again. Guess that’s just my lot in life.   *

NOTHING is real.

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Not a word anyone says. Nothing that you see or hear or feel… None of it is real. There are always layers and layers and layers of things you don’t see or know about till much later…. sometimes you NEVER find out. And that’s just how life is. Nothing is real. In a city of … Read More

What’s Really on my Mind

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It’s funny. I’ve been observing lately what I say versus what I feel. It’s amazing how much of what I say is shrouded in code and not honestly what I mean. I realized it one day because I was IMming someone and I typed in “lol” — with a straight face and no semblance of … Read More


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fibrous tissue growth: a benign growth composed of fibrous and muscle tissue, especially one that develops in the wall of the womb and is associated with painful and excessive menstrual flow. Fibroids can be removed surgically and are not life-threatening, but fibroids in the womb reduce the chance of pregnancy. I have 2. One is … Read More


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“Cause I love to hate the feeling… don’t want to deal with the Morning after… What can I say to keep you down. What can I say to keep you down. What can I say to keep your love around me?” I was reading the Onion yesterday on the way home to lift my spirits. … Read More


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I am in the foulest mood today. And it’s a result of going to bed in the foulest mood last night. That shit just carries over. I had a falling out with my baby last night. It’s so bad that I didn’t even want to type “my baby” just now. I just was so angry … Read More