In a Loving Way

Categories: random musings, romance

Everyone around me seems like they’re passionately in love today. This morning on the train, every man was singing. Some sweet tune of love with clear crisp voices wrought with dedication. Working at the wine fest this evening, this older couple… they had to be at least 50… snuck into the back of one of the display SUV’s and made out… right in the middle of everything. I couldn’t even hate on them. If they’re impassioned about each to that point after this long, why attempt to stifle it? It’s inspirational. But the stray thought did cross my mind that maybe they’re not married. Maybe they snuck out from their significant others… and this was their stolen moment. Seems like stolen moments always seem to be more precious than the ones you earn… or the ones you expect. Strange. But while all this love was swirling around my head, I could only think about one thing… ending this week, getting home… sleeping as late as I could… and not being bothered with ANYONE. I’ve settled up all debts and I’m ready to be carefree for 2 more weeks till I’m indebted again.



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