Free Bird…

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Free Bird… And other non-wedding related tales from the week past Free Bird: My baby did it. He flew the coop. He’d been stressing extra hard about getting out of the B.O.P. to the point where he blamed God and I had to rip him a new one about faith and belief. I told him … Read More


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So when Sunday night closed out its final hours this week, i thought to myself “this is about to be a hella long week. I’m not looking forward to it.” And here I am. 41 minutes to Friday. It did go by like a blur. I’m glad for it and at the same time, more … Read More

Spring Cleaning

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That’s what we’ve been doing in this household. Thanks to my baby and his steadfast commitment to his word, my brother, he and I got together yesterday, bought a bunch of supplies, strapped on some dust masks and went at the kitchen. I dare say my kitchen is bearable now. I’m not afraid of it … Read More

Not so bad

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When I was in college and I was seeing the school psychologist (whom i LOVED! Wherever you are Dr. VanHarte… I hope you’re safe… more on that in another post), she advised me to start spending more time alone. One exercise she had me do was life altering. And it was so simple, but the … Read More

To Whom Titles are Given… Work Is Expected

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Promotions. Incentives. Upgrades. Executive. Chief. Senior. Managerial. Supervising. All of them equal work and responsibilities. And frustration. And scrutiny. And stress. And misunderstanding. Aside from getting my review at work today, a friend of mine just got promoted. In the midsts of the excitement, I congratulated him, suggest that he and I go get a … Read More


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Happy New Year to all! I wish I could set this year off with a super optimistic, wonderfully bright message. But I’ve promised to be as real as I can be… when I can be. And for starters, 2005 seems awfully lonely to me. It’s something I think I inherited from my mom and grandma. … Read More