It DOES Hurt…

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This afternoon I became aware of a meeting that popped up on my agenda.   That’s not unusual.  People throw things on each other’s calendars at this company like it’s a dartboard competition.  But this one seemed eerily important.  Firstly, it was being convened by the parent company (not just my brand). Secondly, there was something … Read More


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This seems to be the hour that my body pops awake these days. Am I fully rested? No. Could I use some more sleep? ABSOLUTELY. Did I go to bed at an hour that merits being alert this early. Not a chance. I just slowly become more aware of the room: the white noise of … Read More

In My Solitude

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E leaves for his much anticipated much planned for and long awaited Inaugural College Tour that he’s planned and pieced together virtually by himself. So from now until Saturday – he’ll be on the road changing these young people’s lives.  He’s so excited – like a giddy little kid who’s scheduled to be on the … Read More

What’s the Plan

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People…. I tell ya… When my hair was relaxed and straight (which was for about 24 years of my life), I would wash it once a week, style it in some way that might last for about that long (so mostly a wrap resulting in a bob) that I’d unravel in the morning and put … Read More


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Well, it’s that time of year that I love best. This is MY season. I become so in tune with nature and it’s urge to take a nap. Even my hair changes color (naturally). The crips and the blue blue skies as the backdrop for auburn, gold and red leaves are all I need to … Read More

Future Fears

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I was on the bus yesterday trekking uptown to meet up with a friend for lunch. The M20 seems to have quite a few disabled pick ups along the way. So it causes the bus to be at any given stop for 5 to 10 minutes at a time, loading them up and locking them … Read More

No One Stays

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I just finished watching the finale of SFU and wow. The whole episode was a standard episode, but the last 5 minutes. Good Lord. I cried so hard I have a headache. I realize that everyone has to go. This world is transient. And everything in it. But the worst parts of leaving are 1) … Read More

In Service

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Okay… so he’s home. And it feels like the situation here has amplified by 500 million since when he left. Before he went to the hospital, I was in service for the most part… but little things they would still be able to handle themselves. Getting stuff to drink, making themselves something to eat, etc. … Read More

Welcome Home / Send Off

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After the dress fitting, Sugie, Max and I headed to 203 Lounge. The send off party didn’t start till 9 and it was 7:30 now, but we had no desire to wander the streets of NY in 96 degree weather. We hopped in a cab and headed out to the lounge. We walked in and … Read More