In the Valley

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Although I’m looking fantastical… my legs have been the weapons of mass destruction uncovered… I’m feeling under the weather. Just that quick, from floating on a cloud to questioning what I’ve known to be true. Good think I’ve documented everything so I can be reminded of all the beautiful things that God has bestowed on … Read More

Pathology’s Daughter

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I’m really beginning to think maybe that should be the name of my blog. How I have to deal with the fact that my family is riddled with sickness, compounded with bad thinking. My 1st uncle (mom’s 1st brother because she’s the eldest), came over this morning to share breakfast and coffee and drive my … Read More

Dazed and Confused

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That’s my general state of mind lately. I just feel out of it all the time. Doesn’t matter if I’ve slept for 4 days straight, I am still tired half way through the day. But I started taking my vitamins today and someone actually said I look like I’ve lost weight. Of course I didn’t … Read More


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Cliches abound about the ditch I’ve been digging and how I’ll dig myself out and I think… or deeper and the woe that I wallow in isn’t welcome but it’s warm and feels good at my pity party and I talk bad about everyone in attendance to their face, no less. and i can feel … Read More


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So it showed up last night. Just as I was planning a quiet interlude with the Mr. I swear I was looking SO forward to it. Then it just… showed up. No warning shot… Just… BOOM… My body has the worst timing. *SIGH* So I’ve been sick all of Easter Morning. And he’ll be in … Read More


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As she sat back in the examination chair, she clumsily stuck her clutch inside her hat instead of her pocket wondering to herself, “Why doesn’t he ever ask me to hang my coat? How rude and how uncomfortable.” The doctor shuffled about in the office staring into a manila folder and mumbled to his patient, … Read More

The Pink Eyed Monster

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If it weren’t bad enough that my baby feels like not touching me… I have conjunctivitis with corneal infiltrate…. Pink eye to the layman. So now the rest of the world can’t really be bothered with me either. Great. I feel like a leper. I’m so tired and this stupid drop process is going to … Read More


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Supersized is supposed to be… better… no? me: this world is crazy. me: this girl is on the air… and she’s trying out for Miss Info’s job.. Max: ? Max: oh lawd me: so, they’re talking about how good she looks and they ask her her height and weight. me: so she says… I’m 5’7″… … Read More

Day One

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Okay so I went to get my work out today. Actually… no I didn’t. I left my work out stuff home on purpose. And told myself that I would walk down to Craig and sit with him to get myself in the habit of going down there at all. Of course with my excuse being … Read More