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Supersized is supposed to be… better… no?

me: this world is crazy.

me: this girl is on the air… and she’s trying out for Miss Info’s job..

Max: ?

Max: oh lawd

me: so, they’re talking about how good she looks and they ask her her height and weight.

me: so she says… I’m 5’7″…

me: and 115 lbs.

Max: what the fuck does that have to do with anything

me: so they’re like NAAAAH… you ain’t no 115 lbs….

Max: she’s on the RADIO

me: so they get her to admit that she’s actually 145 lbs.

me: so then they say… “but that 145 is in all the right places”

me: like…

me: it’s BAD to be 145…

Max: yeah really

me: what the hell is the world coming to???????

Max: shit that used to be my goal weight

me: I’m like… DYING to be 145 again,.

me: okay???????????????????????????????????????????

Max: my thing is what the fuck does it have to do with anything

Max: we can’t see her ass

Max: disgusting

me: i feel like going in there and smacking all of them silly.

Max: they don’t ask men questions like that

me: of course not.

me: *sigh*

Max: you should go in and slap them all

me: *sigh*

me: so…

me: at 220…. I must be just unthinkably big.

me: you want to know what the real problem is….

me: and this is the real problem (my personal real problem)

Max: well shit I must be a blimp

me: When I look in the mirror…

me: I don’t feel crazy about how I look.

me: I could change a few things…

me: and maybe that would be okay.

me: but I don’t think I’m this behemoth…

me: that folks think that I should feel like.

Max: i feel you

me: *sigh*

me: perception is the evil of this world.

Max: yeah and the shit of it is that the perception is completely unrealistic

Max: the average woman looks nothing like the bony hoes they keep shoving at us

Max: It is as if they want to drive the majority of women to look like the slim minority of women

Max: They don’t advertise for real women

me: *sigh*

Max: they don’t make clothes for them

Max: what the fuck are regular women supposed to do?

me: *sigh*

me: they all want us to be these deprived waif hairless children.

me: and I’m like…

me: NO

me: I’m all woman damnit.

Max: word

Max: fuck that shit

me: *sigh*


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