Day One

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Okay so I went to get my work out today. Actually… no I didn’t. I left my work out stuff home on purpose. And told myself that I would walk down to Craig and sit with him to get myself in the habit of going down there at all. Of course with my excuse being that I forgot my wares. But good ole Craig: found a pair of sneakers that fit me, a teeshirt and a pair of sweats and told me to strap up. It was only a half hour but I’m completely spent. I’m completely out of shape. But I’m praying that I can begin and maintain this trend. *sigh* Pray for me.

I met with my new boss today for like an hour and we just talked about the job and the position, etc. She keeps saying that she’s excited to work with me. But I don’t know if she means excited like elated or excited like the kind that makes you queasy. Either way… we’ll find out soon. I also began to correspond with my new co-worker via email today. He seems very cool. Very down for a white boy. But he’s a bigger hip hop fan than I so I guess it’s to be expected. He’s excited about starting and I’m excited about him getting started!!! I haven’t changed my outgoing message yet to reflect my new title. I guess I will soon. I decided to go ahead and take Rodrigo’s old spot. *sigh*

Tomorrow is the beginning of something new. I’m going to go and get some rest so I can meet it face on.



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