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Once upon a time I was stronger And young. Fearless And hopeful Full of fairy tales and fables Of what my life could be If I JUST believed. I believed hard enough to Move mountains and Drain oceans Halt time and Alter realities. Believed hard enough to Spin the yarn of life into being Because … Read More


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1985. In a class full of 30 fidgety, morphing 11-year-olds Ms. Gagliardo instructed us to begin breaking our classroom into about 5 groups. She chose the groupings regionally so that folks sitting near each other could just turn their desks inward to their circle rather than be unseated and move to someone else’s desk. “Okay … Read More


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I likened it to shopping at the supermarket. There’s some stuff on the list you NEED to pick up. A loaf of Bread A container of milk A stick of butter Things you have to have for the pre planned recipes to work out. Can’t go with out them. They are mainstays. And you get … Read More


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My muse visited this afternoon…. Ready? I spent my morning getting ready for you… I woke up and peeled the sheets away from my body the way you do when you take me up in your arms I brushed my hair into a ponytail, perfect for you to hold on to when passions rise I … Read More

Lost Poetry

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I’ve been clearing off my computer at work, for obvious reasons. And I stumbled across some poetry that i jotted down in notepad so that i wouldn’t lose the thoughts. I liked some of them, so I’ll post. I have no real dates and times when they were written, so I’ll note them with the … Read More

new poem

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Reaching out and reaching no one i screamed your name into a vacuous abyss and gave myself a heartache i ultimately tried to see beyond you but you were directly in my line of sight looking through me as you approached only noticing me because i was in your way * (just wanted to put … Read More


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Every now and again, I need to verify if i’m still alive and the parts still work independantly of this perpetual auto pilot mode that I’ve placed myself in. Most effective barometer of all sensation is pain and easiest to access… so even when nothing is wrong the desire to experiment is ever present I … Read More


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He was the gift that made a piece of my present bearable. Days laden with mediocrity, he gave me something to think about someone to talk to where before deafening silence reigned and drove me to the insanity of insominia. Even there he kept me company into the wee hours of inevitable exhaustion. With no … Read More

Chocolate Crush

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she couldn’t put a finger on it. what that feeling was that she felt when she talked to him. she wasn’t intimidated but maintaining eye contact was so difficult. she’d shy away when he smiled and respond demurely to his questions. it was only a working capacity that he was there and he had to … Read More

New Poem

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This hit me on the train ride home… no title. yet. You must hear my thoughts before they ever come to fruition and i sense your soul intrusion which stops the thought progression. My subconscious reaches out for you and seeks you in the unlikeliest of places on every street that is fiveish and on … Read More