Well… 2020…

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2020 has been quite the year thus far. Standing on the brink of May and we’ve been through a lot.  I was on medical leave for 6 weeks.  About week 2 of that leave, a worldwide pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) started to sweep across and sicken droves of people.  This called for a worldwide quarantine- … Read More

Breathe in the Decay

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So, for me… something smells. Always. My sense of smell has been the gift and the curse for me all my life.  I’ve always joked growing up in Queens that I could smell a fire that just started in Flatbush.   And while that may not have been entirely true – I could smell a fire … Read More


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We decided to do it. We were fresh off the high of the Dîner en Blanc (pronounced DEE-nay un Blunh …. NO. CEE. SOUND AT THE END) in Manhattan, this year being my 3rd.  Coming out of that experience which is always grueling in the schlep to get there but once there, nothing but a good time – … Read More


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Today we learned of a brutal massacre that took place at an elementary school in Danbury Connecticut. Sandy Hills. A gunman who at the time of this writing was identified as Adam L killed his father at his home then traveled to the school where his mother was a teacher and proceeded to kill her … Read More

Time Warner Cable Sucks

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Cause they do. I have a GLORIOUS 3 1/2 day weekend and nothing but fly experiences to write about and what happens? The brand new modem that TWC installed is blinking one light on and off (there are 4 people)… meaning, I better remember everything that happened and be just as excited when I write … Read More

What Happened to my Weekends?

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I used to depend on them to re-energize me and revive me for the perils that were to be the week to come. But nowadays I come out of the weekend feeling more tired and just barely dragging my feet through the week ahead. It’s a shame, because I’m actually not allowing myself to enjoy … Read More