Going Away

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I’m going to a LOT of these parties lately. In the last few weeks I’ve gone to 2 and I have 3 more coming up in the next 2 weeks. Florida. South Carolina. Georgia. Oklahoma. Everyone is leaving. It’s a mass exodus for various reasons. School. Money. Opportunity. Peace of Mind. Fleeing from the rigors … Read More


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Things were this weekend. Things were good. Not spectacular off the hook or like… mediocre. They were good. On Friday, I came to my baby’s rescue. He’d had a miserable day (on both work and home fronts). It was up to me to put some bacitracin on the wound, gently cover with a bandaid and … Read More


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So today was a huge milestone for me. One that I was really afraid of for a long time but I finally took that step. My baby and I opened up our joint checking account. Really scary step for me and I was totally freaked out the whole time. But it’s done. The woman at … Read More

The Good with the Bad

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If nothing else, I’ve totally learned that in life, you MUST be prepared to take these both… as they come. Roll with the punches… and the presents. I’ve had the dark cloud of my daddy’s impending chemotherapy starting next month looming over my head. It’s been tough, because I saw him battle it once (with … Read More


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So when Sunday night closed out its final hours this week, i thought to myself “this is about to be a hella long week. I’m not looking forward to it.” And here I am. 41 minutes to Friday. It did go by like a blur. I’m glad for it and at the same time, more … Read More

Old School

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It’s amazing what good movies can do for a night. Good, old school movies that take you back to a time and place that you’re fond of reminiscing about but maybe would never relive again. We watched 2 movies, one last night before we fell asleep on the couch and one this morning as we … Read More

God Answers Prayers

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I can’t believe I forgot to elaborate / tell the story of God’s Goodness. So I’ll do it now. My baby LOVES to lift weights. He fell in love with it shortly after college and he’s not stopped loving it since. Growing up, he was a little skinny boy with a big head and a … Read More

If you were mine…

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Bad advice from the wrong people can sometimes have a positive result. I won’t go in to the details, but someone who was not qualified to give me advice about my relationship, went ahead and did so and her words danced around in my mind wreaking havoc all day yesterday. I completely withdrew from the … Read More

Right Beside

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Me, Max and my baby went to a bridal “expo” tonight. It really wasn’t an exposition of any kind. Just one company that pesters me INCESSANTLY. But they lured me and Max in with promises of free liquor (Wine and cheese reception). So we attended, hoping it would be something where many companies went to … Read More